Monetize your talent

Share exclusive content with your community through paid videocalls.

SingularChats integrates public profile, agenda and custom web to organize and promote online events.

Charge for your talent

Generate fair income for your time and effort

Maximum 20 attendees

So that your video session is unique and exclusive

Interactive events

Allowing you to interact with your followers in a new way

No subscriptions

Sign up for free and start generating benefits

SingularChats is the platform that allows content creators to earn income in addition to what they already earn in other ways.

How does SingularChats work?

Sign Up

Registration is free and will only take you a fee minutes

Share your knowledge

Choose an interesting topic for your community, create and event and promote it

Generate income

Your followers will be able to easily sign up and attend

We help you to generate revenues

Some of the topics covered in our events

Personal development








Create a public profile

Share your profile at SingularChats in your social networks so that your followers can request you videocalls

Arrange the videocall

You will have a webpage with all the information about you event to facilitate attendees signing up

Record the event

As a Singular you will be able to decide if you want to record your videocall to share it with the attendees