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Do I need to install a programme or app on my device to attend the videoconference?
No, you just have to visit our website to enjoy the event.
What happens if I’m unable to attend the event that I’ve booked?
Slots at our events are very limited, so please make sure you can attend before you register because you will not be able to cancel.
Will I be able to speak during the talk?
The aim of our events is to make them unique, so each speaker will decide on the structure of their talk.
How many people attend each videoconference?
We have limited each event to 20 slots to make sure the experience is enriching and familiar.
How long does each event last?
Talks last 60 minutes so that the topic can be dealt with calmly and in detail.
Are the talks recorded?
Each speaker will decide whether their videoconference is recorded or not.
Who can be a speaker?
We’ve all got something to contribute, so get in touch with us if you want to be a speaker for one of our events.
Is the platform secure?
All participants in our events must follow a code of conduct based on mutual respect. If a user does not comply with these rules, they may be banned from the platform.
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