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SingularChats is a cutting-edge technological platform that empowers individuals to effortlessly organize, promote, and host paid online VideoChats. Conduct live sessions with limited attendance, connecting with your audience like never before.

SingularChats is for anyone, whether you’re an expert, a skilled professional, or simply passionate about something. It’s the perfect platform to share your knowledge, skills, or enthusiasm with your audience, followers, or clients through engaging VideoChats.

A Singular is someone who takes the step to register on SingularChats and embark on the journey of hosting paid online VideoChats, turning their knowledge or passion into a rewarding experience.

Anyone can freely register and start hosting their VideoChats on SingularChats. Whether you’re a content creator, influencer, artist, educator, presenter, or anyone with a passion to share, SingularChats provides a platform for you.

No, there’s no minimum requirement for followers, clients, or audience to register on SingularChats. Everyone is welcome to register for free and start hosting and celebrating sessions. The only requirement is to have knowledge, skill, or passion and be willing to share it with others through VideoChats.

SingularChats is a truly global platform. Singulars organizing VideoChats and attendees can be from anywhere in the world. All that’s needed is a stable internet connection to seamlessly use the platform.

Becoming a Singular and using the platform is absolutely free. There are no fixed costs or subscriptions for the Singular. The only fee is a 10% commission on the revenue generated through the hosted VideoChats.

Register on our platform by completing a simple form to set up your Singular profile. You can customize your profile with a photo and details about yourself and your activity that you want to share. Once completed, you can start organizing VideoChats and promoting them to your audience.

No. Registering as a Singular does not require bank details. The only personal information required for the profile registration are: name, surname, email, and contact phone number. Both the phone number and email will not be visible in the Singular’s public profile. They are contact details of the Singular with the platform.

SingularChats is compatible with all computers, tablets, and smartphones. Only a stable internet connection is required. SingularChats uses advanced technology to offer a high-quality experience to both the Singular and the attendees of the VideoChat.

Yes, Singulares can decide whether or not to record each of the VideoChats they organize, if they want to share the recording, and for how long after the session has ended.

There are no limitations. The Singular manages the scheduling of online sessions according to their needs, deciding the duration of each VideoChat and the frequency with which they are organized.

Once the VideoChat is created, it can be promoted by spreading the invitation through social media directly from the Singular’s profile. Each online session can be customized and has a unique link that can be shared.

Attendees can participate in VideoChats without having to register on the platform. To register for a VideoChat, they only need to enter an email and the spot will be reserved. To access the session, it is not necessary to download any software, only a stable internet connection.

Singulares set the price and maximum number of attendees per session. Attendees pay by card through a secure payment system integrated into the platform: Stripe.

SingularChats will credit the Singulares with the income generated by their VideoChats during the first 5 business days of the following month after the celebration of their online sessions. The Singular must issue the corresponding invoice or receipt before that date to receive the corresponding payment. If the amount to be paid is less than €50, the payment will be accumulated until it exceeds that amount to be settled at the end of the month. Payment will be made via PayPal or bank transfer.

Yes, SingularChats offers comprehensive support with personalized attention to both Singulares and attendees of VideoChats. You can contact us by email at will try to respond to you in less than 24 hours.

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